Unlock Unparalleled Accuracy in Live Music Tracking


Pioneering Music Recognition

Vollou's advanced AI-driven music recognition system, VARS, excels in the nightlife industry by accurately identifying even live-altered tracks. The chart highlights VARS's edge over competitors, especially in detecting speed-modified tracks.
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What makes Vollou different?

Vollou differentiates itself by offering cutting-edge accuracy, cost-efficiency, and data insights that empower PROs to manage royalties more effectively.
Automatically deliver real-time track lists to PROs, enabling fair and accurate royalty distribution.
Cost effective
Cost effective
No hardware purchase or maintenance costs, ensuring cheap and instant implementation across multiple locations.
Equips PROs with insights into play frequency, peak times, venue and music specific trends.
A software solution that provides scalability and  allows seamless deployment across numerous locations simultaneously.

How it works

Vollou's platform is engineered to meet the diverse needs of PROs, artists, songwriters, and venue owners, making it a comprehensive solution for the industry.
How it works

Steps to install Vollou

Installing Vollou is a straightforward process designed to get your venue up and running quickly, ensuring accurate data reporting to PROs.
Contact Vollou to set up the device in your venue.
Vollou installs inexpensive device on behalf of PRO or sends devices to Venues to install
Device accurately monitors venue music
Data is automatically sent to PRO to create accurate royalty payments
Experience the future of royalty management with Vollou's scalable and accurate solutions tailored for PROs. To learn more or request a demo, contact us below.
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