Bridging the gap between artists, venues, and transparent royalty sharing.

Vollou offers devices that automatically identifies and reports music at venues, ensuring accurate royalty distributions to artists through Performance Rights Organisations.

Where are we installed?

Brixton Jamm - London
Jack Solomons - London
Furia - Panama City
B London - London
Atlantic - Barcelona
Ashtar - London
Nam Long - London
MeatLiquor W1 - London
Our vision

Our goal is to revolutionise the way venues, artists, and Performing Rights Organisations (PROs) interact, creating a seamless and transparent ecosystem for royalty sharing.

Our music recognition technology

Optimised for nightlife
Vollou's technology is optimised for nightlife settings, precisely detecting tracks even when their tempo is adjusted, ensuring consistent recognition despite any live variations.
95% Recognition rate
Boasting an impressive 95% success rate, Vollou stands out as one of the most reliable music recognition systems, ensuring artists get the recognition they deserve.
Offline recognition
Even in scenarios with unstable Wi-Fi, Vollou continues to capture the music played. As connectivity resumes, it promptly uploads the tracks, ensuring no beat goes unnoticed.
Automatic software solution
Vollou's versatile software seamlessly operates across various devices. With its easy installation and automatic reporting to PROs, it becomes a preferred choice no matter the venue.

VARS, our AI-powered music recognition technology, is transforming the nightlife industry by accurately identifying live-altered tracks.

Are you a PRO looking for scalable solutions?

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Who's it for?



Elevate your data analytics capabilities with Vollou's precise music recognition system.
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music artist


Gain peace of mind knowing Vollou's technology ensures fair and transparent royalty distribution.
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Our Partners

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About us

Behind Vollou is a team of seasoned professionals and young talents, all driven by the mission to make the music industry more equitable for artists and PROs alike.
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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions, you can contact us if you have any other queries.

What is Vollou and how does it work?

Vollou offers a music recognition device that can be easily installed in music venues. The device automatically captures the music played and reports it to the PROs. Using advanced music recognition technology, it ensures that no track goes unnoticed. The device is easy to install and maintain, making it highly scalable.

How do artists benefit from Vollou's technology?

Most venues do not report the music played, which means artists often miss out on their fair share of royalties. Vollou's technology ensures accurate reporting to PROs, so artists are compensated based on actual plays rather than alternative data sources.

Is Vollou's technology compatible with existing systems used by PROs or venues?

Vollou offers a bespoke solution that can be adapted to any API. Alternatively, venues and PROs can use Vollou's own dashboard to manage their operations.

What are the steps to integrate Vollou into my venue or PRO operations?

The steps for installation can be found on our for pros page.